Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh How I Love My Kid

As Addison was laying down to go to sleep last night she said
I said yes Addison and then she paused and said
I wuv you"
Make a Mama's heart melt. She is just too precious to us.
On Saturday we ventured out to the Germantown Festival with Sally & Nathalie to explore all of the handmade items-it was a beautiful day!! I picked up a frame, T-shirt and some beautiful handmade necklaces. It was well worth going to as usual. Addison made it from 10-2! I totally skipped a much needed naptime for her-but she did catch a nap on the way home. Bryan stayed around the house and cleaned the pool and replaced all of the light fixtures-yea!!!!! Not exactly a fun day for him. But I was happy with the outcome. On Sunday we went to Brooke's 2nd Birthday party and then on to the Harper's new house in Oakland. We let Addison and Bryce play outside-they had a blast but they were worn out.

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