Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moved In Moved Out

So unlike most other folks-I indeed could not get everything accomplished in my one week of vacation to work on the house. ha! The painters started on Tuesday and as of last night-we have moved out to my folks house while the whole house gets painted due to the glowing smell of paint thinner and paint. It is down right nasty over there. So last night 8p.m.ish I was at Home Depot picking out paint colors!! Bahahaha there are just too many colors to pick from-I'd be better off picking from like oh ya know about 3. But Bryan said just pick the colors and walk away-haha soooo easy for him to say! Ummm every room is a different color!!
Kitchen: Honeysuckle Beige
Entry & Hallway: Cobblestone
Guest Room: Woodlawn Sterling Blue
Dining Room: Blue Cloud
Living Room: Fenland #8174M
Master Bedroom: Colonial Beige
Master Bath: Rope
Addison's Room: Cricket
Man Room: Dozen Roses (Sounds Manly I know!)
Pictures soon to come-after AT&T comes to fix me up

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