Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

House Advice

#1. Get the house painted B4 you move in
#2. Don't clean the house top to bottom before painting-this is a very bad idea
#3. There will be nastyness on your floors/windows/walls/base boards from the sanding that will take place in order to paint.
So back to #1 get the house painted before you move in and clean!
Just trying to help some of you out if you plan to move.
In advance......Your Welcome

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moved In Moved Out

So unlike most other folks-I indeed could not get everything accomplished in my one week of vacation to work on the house. ha! The painters started on Tuesday and as of last night-we have moved out to my folks house while the whole house gets painted due to the glowing smell of paint thinner and paint. It is down right nasty over there. So last night 8p.m.ish I was at Home Depot picking out paint colors!! Bahahaha there are just too many colors to pick from-I'd be better off picking from like oh ya know about 3. But Bryan said just pick the colors and walk away-haha soooo easy for him to say! Ummm every room is a different color!!
Kitchen: Honeysuckle Beige
Entry & Hallway: Cobblestone
Guest Room: Woodlawn Sterling Blue
Dining Room: Blue Cloud
Living Room: Fenland #8174M
Master Bedroom: Colonial Beige
Master Bath: Rope
Addison's Room: Cricket
Man Room: Dozen Roses (Sounds Manly I know!)
Pictures soon to come-after AT&T comes to fix me up

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh How I Love My Kid

As Addison was laying down to go to sleep last night she said
I said yes Addison and then she paused and said
I wuv you"
Make a Mama's heart melt. She is just too precious to us.
On Saturday we ventured out to the Germantown Festival with Sally & Nathalie to explore all of the handmade items-it was a beautiful day!! I picked up a frame, T-shirt and some beautiful handmade necklaces. It was well worth going to as usual. Addison made it from 10-2! I totally skipped a much needed naptime for her-but she did catch a nap on the way home. Bryan stayed around the house and cleaned the pool and replaced all of the light fixtures-yea!!!!! Not exactly a fun day for him. But I was happy with the outcome. On Sunday we went to Brooke's 2nd Birthday party and then on to the Harper's new house in Oakland. We let Addison and Bryce play outside-they had a blast but they were worn out.

Friday, September 9, 2011

We Made It!

Well we made it through the move!!! Thank goodness
We love our new house and neighborhood-it is safe-comfortable and roomy
(Pics soon to come when AT&T gets out to my house!)
Mom & Dad helped a ton with Addison getting her to and from school and hanging out with her while Mommy and Daddy got the house and her room all ready. Gammy (Bryan's Mom from Atlanta) came down and helped us with the move and took care of Addison while we were trying to find things. 1 week later and we are still working on finding things! The furniture has been ordered and we are working on quotes from the painters-we have taken down 3 rooms of borders and 1/2 of the master bath wallpaper as well as Addisons bath and a little in the 1/2 bath. I have changed all of the kitchen knobs and the bathroom knobs-IT was a MUST. Things are looking better around the new Harper house. We have a pool now!! Which is awsome and scarry with a 2 year old. She loves the pool-but we will be putting up a gate to keep her out of it. Addison slept in her big girl bed on Friday September 2nd-we changed her crib to a toddler bed. The first night she was not very excited about it-but did stay in the bed all night. Then on Saturday I put her in it for her nap and she ended up playing the entire time! Sooo Saturday night was a little rough and she got to go to bed early. Gammy stayed with Addison on Sunday while Bryan and I ordered some furniture for the Family Room. (FYI-it is really best NOT to sell your furniture before you move). I did this and we have not had a couch for a week! haha ya live you learn. This week Addison has done great in her toddler bed-she is changing every day and talks all the time (wonder who she got that from!)