Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today you turned 2

 My little lady turned 2
You are more beautiful than I had ever dreamed you would be
We thank God for you each and every day
You brighten our world every moment of every day
Today you turned 2 right before our very eyes
You are the sweetest most loving little lady-
You love baby dolls, basketballs, horses and dogs
You like to jump in the mud and swing in the swings-you like most anything
We love you to the moon and back and more than anyone has ever loved anyone

Getting ready to go see the horses
Addie at 1 year
 My sweet baby girl on her
2nd Birthday
YAY Horses!! You got to touch the horses for the very 1st time
Bo was this horses name-he was very sweet 
You giggled and laughed until Bo neighed really loud-then you cried
But not for long 

 Daddy had to work this weekend
But he went by and bought you a cake and candles and a card to open
You love your Daddy soooo very much and Daddy thinks you hung the moon
You blew out your 2 candles with Daddy 
Mommy and Addison 
YUM-"Can I have this everyday?" 

 Trying so hard to break into her gift
 Finally!! A BABY!!
"I want it out" haha we got you an Itty Bitty Baby from the
American Girl Collection

 Mommy trying to keep the icing out of your hair

 Too much fun turning 2
Next weekend we will be having your birthday party
with all of your friends

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