Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, August 29, 2011

Head em up Move em out!

I am on vacation this week to move us to our new home!!!! FINALLY!!! We have been working on moving since around January and we have finally closed on the perfect house for us. We closed on our 4th Anniversary-talk about an Anniversary gift! No telling how he will top it next year! haha. I am working non stop this week to clean/paint/whine/dust/mop/whine some more/and get the house all ready before the movers show up on Thursday. Here are some pics of the latest and greatest times-I will loose my internet on Thurs and not get it back until Sept 30th-Yeppers a month out-thanks to good ole AT&T.
Gandaddy with Addison after day 1 of working at the house
We had to have a Chupultepec night
Ganmomma Silly Addison and Silly Gandaddy 
Addison and Mommy at AJ's 3rd Birthday Party 
Me and My Beautiful Mom 
Addison-she goes nuts around water 
Addison & Marshall the Sunday that we got the house
Both 2yrs old 
Family pic attempt in front of the new house 
Hopefully this week will go according to plan!
haha-nah that would be no fun!

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  1. Sooooo exciting to be moving into a new house!! I can't wait to see pics. Happy Moving!!!