Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, August 12, 2011

2yr Stats

On Tuesday I picked up Addison from school a little early and we headed to Peds East for the exciting 2 year old visit with Dr. Mitchell. Ohhh the fun as Addison gets older. She is not I repeat NOT a fan of the Doctors office. There have been many times that she has gotten so upset that she has thrown up all over me and her all at once. This time she did really good and played and laughed and pointed out everything in the room. Then it was on to the finger prick-not so much fun and she was not a fan of the bandaid. Addison kept on saying "hurt it-booo boooo". After that she got 1 shot-I think she was more worried about the bandaids being on her than the actual pain.
26lbs (40%)
34 and a quarter inches (60%)
49 head
So tall and skinny like her Daddy
She did great and even let her Daddy pull off her bandaids without any fuss
Size 4 diapers
Size 6 shoes
24-2T Clothes
Words....that list is too long due to the fact that she now repeats everything we say
But some of her favorites are: Baby, Horsey, Dawg, NO, All Done, Nite Nite, I Love You, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Kelly, Mantha, AJ, Ganmomma, Gandaddy, Connor, Sammy, Neyssa, and she loves to tell me the names of animals and what they say-as well as ABCD E P, and then 2 and 5 seem to be her favorite numbers. Now when you ask her what her name is-she says Addisoooonnnnn
I love this kid-she is growing up so fast!

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