Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, August 29, 2011

Head em up Move em out!

I am on vacation this week to move us to our new home!!!! FINALLY!!! We have been working on moving since around January and we have finally closed on the perfect house for us. We closed on our 4th Anniversary-talk about an Anniversary gift! No telling how he will top it next year! haha. I am working non stop this week to clean/paint/whine/dust/mop/whine some more/and get the house all ready before the movers show up on Thursday. Here are some pics of the latest and greatest times-I will loose my internet on Thurs and not get it back until Sept 30th-Yeppers a month out-thanks to good ole AT&T.
Gandaddy with Addison after day 1 of working at the house
We had to have a Chupultepec night
Ganmomma Silly Addison and Silly Gandaddy 
Addison and Mommy at AJ's 3rd Birthday Party 
Me and My Beautiful Mom 
Addison-she goes nuts around water 
Addison & Marshall the Sunday that we got the house
Both 2yrs old 
Family pic attempt in front of the new house 
Hopefully this week will go according to plan!
haha-nah that would be no fun!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 Years Ago Today

4 Years Ago Today
I married my perfect soul mate
To enjoy the good and the bad with
To argue over the remote (he let's me win)
To have someone to bicker over where to eat dinner
To have someone always be on my side
To have someone that is my best friend for life
My true love of a lifetime that I could not do without
God picked the perfect one for me-4 Years ago today I married him
And then this morning we closed on our new house in Collierville, TN
We are so excited but nervous at the same time
We can't wait to move in!!
I love you Bryan-always have always will

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Addie G's 2nd Birthday Party

Addisons 2nd Birthday
"From Minnie Mouse to Mini-Me
Our Birthday Girl is Addie G
With Attitude and Style Galore
She's Someone That We All Adore
To Celebrate This Special Date
Please Join Us for Ice Cream & Cake"
Sat Aug 13, 2011 2p.m.
(My Mom made this poem up for Addison's Birthday Invites)
2 cute!!
Cake by Frances Ely with Fancy Cakes
 Bryan and my Dad trying to figure out the water park layout

 Ganmomma and Addison

 Addison trying to be good and not touch the cake
 Addison and Addie Kate

 Ashley and Amy overseeing the toddlers
 The boys hangout
 Whats a birthday without a family pic!


 Yummy Cake!!
 Addison and Justin our neighboor
 Let the fun begin!!
 Brooke, Addison, Bryce and Marshall
 Addison, Mattie Kay, Sammy, Marshall all playing
 Addison trying to suck her thumb as she plays!!
 Sweet baby Levi and Addison
 Marshall-Mattie Kay and Addison
 Levi-Marshall-Addison-Mattie Kay and Brooke
 What a crew!~

 Nathalie-the cutest little red headed girl ever!
(Sally and Nathan's little one)
 And the cutest little red headed boy ever-Kyler
(Ali and Lee's little one)
 Levi-Amy and Bubba's little one

 Hopefully this water was clean! Not that she cared
She had a blast!
 Aunt Kelly with AJ and Addison

 Hugging Minnie Mouse through the box!
 My Fav pic of the day
My Mom just loves her to pieces

 Me and my sweet girl


 Had to get a pic of the Minnie Mouse heads I made
-No they were not as easy as I thought-
 Mom & Dad setting up the party!
 Drake and Kyler playing with the 4ft Minnie Mouse

 Party People

Party Group was: Suzanne & Caitlyn, Holly & Sammy-Addies Best friend from daycare, Amy Brandon & Drake, Ali Lee & Kyler, Ganmomma & Gandaddy, Kelly AJ & Samantha and Chad, Meme Pawpo and Memaw & Bryce, Lorin Tim & Brooke, Kelly Travis & Marshall, Marissa TJ & Mattie Kay, Amy & Levi, Sally Nathan & Nathalie, Justin, Ashley & Addie Kate,what a great time we had-thank you everyone for coming and making Addison's party so very special!!