Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Craw Fish Boil 2011 in the STICKS

The Saturday before Father's Day we joined Ali and her family in MS for the much needed Craw fish Boil!!
We had an awesome time!!
Highlights: Addison eating the ice from the ground with dirt on it
Addison and Kyler swimming in the COLD well water in the kiddie pool
Adult Slip N Slide (yes I was the 1st woman to take the dive)....yes it there are no pics!! haha
Bryan-Lee-Michael cooking the Craw fish
Bryan-Lee-Brandon on the Slip N Slide
Interesting ride home/Bottle of Jim Bean
Washing the truck 11p.m. and our neighbor Robin helping me

I love COWS especially this one 
Ali's horses 
Michael-Bryan and Lee getting the Craw Fish Ready! 
Addison loving the pool 
Addison and Kyler 

Yummy little critters (so they say) 

Everybody in! 
Ali & Puddin 
Fun on the Slip N Slide! I love the haybells behind the Slip N Slide 
Go Daddy Go 
Addie & Drake
(Amy's little one) 
Moody Judy 
Kisses from Dad-make everything better 
Drake eating the bubbles! 
Kyler loving the Slip N Slide 
Bahahahah Bryan and his sweetness daughter
Queen Addison 

Nice Line Up 


Amy and her little love 
Addie G 22mths old 
Me and Addie G
This kiddo loves to swing

We had such a great time at the Todd Farm!!
We will have to do it again real soon-They have a beautiful piece of land in MS-I recommend all Craw Fish Boils be at their place! haha

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