Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow that was one long weekend!

Addie G got picked up from school aka daycare early on Thursday which ended up being her last day at Learning Tree sniffle sniffle-but we are ready for something new.
On Friday I took a vacation day to spend some time with Addison-we took a trip to Cameron Brown park to take some pics and swing. Then we met up with Meme and cousin Bryce for lunch.
On Saturday we ventured out to Cameron Brown for a picnic with Aunt Kelly-Samantha and AJ. Then Addison and AJ got to swing and feed the ducks while I took some pictures of Samantha-Annie and Hannah. (So they could look HOT in their Facebook pics) haha. Then after Addisons nap we took a 3 mile walk around Shelby Farms. WOWZA it was HOT! And that walk was entirely too long-while pushing a stroller. Sunday we made it to Church and then all 3 of us ate lunch at Casa Mexicana with the Church group. Then we all came home and took a much needed nap-then we got up and got ready for the Members Only event at the Memphis Zoo. It was fabulous!! We saw the SeaLion show and the Black bears up close and all of the animals were out and playing. Then we put Addison in her swim suit and let her play in the river with her Daddy-she had a blast. Travis-Kelly and Marshall were all there. Marshall loved dancing to the music and the river.On Monday we got up early and headed to Shelby Farms to walk around Patriot Lake and have a snack under the shade. Addison is such a little trooper when we go out. Then on Monday night we chilled out with our Sunday School group at the Simons house. The kids played outside and we ate burgers. Addison had a blast! Then today was her 1st day at her new daycare!! She did awesome-didn't even shed a tear. Although I did-I am not much on change. I was so glad to have a long weekend to prepare me and her for a change of scenery with the new daycare. I took her picture this morning before she headed to school! haha-more Pictures soon to follow.
**House Update**
We are still working on selling our house-For Sale By Owner and the latest update on the G'town house is that the paperwork is in the hands of the investor which could take 2-7wks. BLAH!

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