Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, May 6, 2011

Toot is 21 months today!

21months and Mother's Day 2011
Little Toot is now 21months old
She is currently into everything!
 A Mom's proud moment! She wanted to walk in my shoes
 She loves shoes! Yep this is my child!
 Addison and her Baby
She loves Baby dolls (another trait she took after me)
 Kelly-Mom-Me for Mother's Day
We ate lunch at the Grapevine in Arlington
then suprised Mom with a gift from Celeste that we had picked out during the week
Mom had just said-I have been looking for a bag that goes
across the body for my trip-Kelly and I looked at each other and giggled
because that is exactly what we got her! Mom was thrilled & cried.
 Yes-this is what you think it is!
Timeout at the Harper house
I am suprised that Bryan doesn't make her stand on one foot
 One happy kiddo

 Mom and Addison
Mother's Day 2011
 So Lady Like
 Me and my Baby on Mother's Day
 1st Carousel Ride-LOVED IT

 Then we decided to upgrade to the
Mall Carousel
She was amazed!
 Daddy and Addie
 Go horsey Go!

 Gotta clean those teeth!
We have tons of them now

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