Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20 Months

Today we turned 20 months! We talked all the way to school this morning. Our favorite words are:
Ganmomma, Dada, Momma, Elmo, Murkey Mouse, NO, Go, Out, Night Night, AJ, Bye Bye, Purple, Pink, Lellow, Abby and Bobby. Size 4 diapers, Size 6 shoe, Size 2T clothes and 24lbs. She is tiny with a big attitude-even walks with an attitude. (I think her Daddy taught her this!) I bought her a Red Rider tri-cycle this past weekend. I figured she had enough toys that I could push her on and that she needed some toys that she could do herself (work off all of that energy). Addison goes to sleep at 8p.m. and wakes up usually around 8:30 on the weekends and we have to wake her up on the week days. This kid loves her sleep. However-she is not a fan of naps at school-I guess she is affraid that she is going to miss something. But on the weekends she will take a 3 hr nap. Go figure. At this age I am loving the hugs and the hand holding and the surprised looks. Everything is new and exciting. We thank God every night for giving Addison to us to raise.
Daddy and Addison reading "Good Night Gorilla"

Waiting for Daddy to get home 
Yay Marshall came over to play!
Addison and Marshall
19mths March 2011 
Addison in her Easter dress
Yes I make her play dress up and go take pictures 

She loved the trees 

My little sweetness 19mths old

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