Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, April 28, 2011


On the way to school this morning Addison was holding her baby doll-
She accidently dropped the baby and said "Utt Oooo U ok baby"? Bahahahaha
Everytime she falls I say Utt O are you ok? And she always repeats me "U ok?"
At 20mths she is just growing up too fast
(I stole the isms from Brianna-who has Ellaisms(Ella is 2yrs older than Addison & she is a hoot!)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hoppy Easter 2011

What a beautiful weekend!
I was off of work on Friday-so we loaded up and headed to the Zoo with
Kelly-Marshall-Sally-Nathalie-Amy and Levi
We had a great time! We let Addison walk around all over the place-she loved every minute of it.

Then we all ate lunch at the Cat Cafe' then headed home for a much needed 4 hour nap. Then we headed to Kelly-Travis and Marshalls house for our 1st annual Easter Egg Dying event! Which was fabulous!! We had pizza/ cookies/ dye/ eggs and the whole 9 yards.

The Look

Then on Saturday morning we met up with Bryan's side of the family for the Bellevue Easter Egg hunt-there were 50,000 eggs for the kids. Bryce and Addison had a ball! Then we headed to Stevie B's for lunch with Michael-Tammi-Erma-Gary-Katie-Drew and Bryce (what  a crew).

  Papo and mini me
 Papo Addison Meme
 Ready set go
 Mommy and Addie
 MeMe and Addison at the Easter Egg hunt
 Oh yay an egg
Addison and Papo (Bryan's Dad)
 This my friends is the chicken dance in the parking lot step by step!

 Great Grandmother Erma and Addison

  Then it was time for Addie's nap. Around 5p.m. we loaded up again and headed to Mom and Dads for Addison to stay with them while Bryan and I headed to Amber and Ritchie's Wedding! It was beautiful!
Bryan and I heading to the wedding
 The Best Neighboors in the world-Robin & Justin
Moody Judy 
Oh Heavens! How do they get this look so early! 
Caught it! 

 Easter Sunday was filled with-a visit from the Easter bunny, me keeping the kids at church, and dinner with my family at Mom and Dad's-we spent all day outside with the kids which included (picture taking/bubbles/swinging/and more bubbles! I have about 400 pictures to download-so that will be a work in progress. Hope you & yours had a wonderful Easter.
Oh the Easter Bunny knew just what she wanted 
Loves to Love 
 One shy girl

 Family Pic for Easter
This girl is all giggles 

 Checking out her shoes
 Daddy and Addie
 Twirls-every girl needs some twirls
 Mommy and Addison

 Bubble Time!
 AJ and Addison
 Deep thoughts by toddlers
 Gandaddy feeding Addison Desert
 Daddy and Addie

 No eggs hidden-just Daddy
 Gandaddy saving Addison from Daddy
 Ganmommas Girl