Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, March 31, 2011

ABC's Of Me

A: Addison my adorable/crazy 19mth old
B: Bryan-the loving-caring-motivating-hard working-hot husband
C: Control-yes I have control issues (but they have gotten better)
D: Dog-yes we had Marley for as long as we could-then we found her an awesome new home
E: Everlasting Love of God
F: roses or the one's that smell good
G: Gab-yes I have the gift of gab
H: Heart-I always try to open my heart and give when I can
I: I think I need a nap
J: Jokes-I love a good joke... I just cant remember the punch line so I don't tell them
K: Kelly-my one and only sibling
L: Love-what I have in my marriage and home and all around me and what we give to Addison
M: Mamma my new name
N: New-I really hope we get a new house
O: Open-my life is an open book
P: Parents-my parents are wonderful role models for me and I love them very much
Q: Queen-What I sometimes think I am and what size bed I have
R: Respect-what I hope my daughter will have for us as she gets older
S: Savior-Jesus Christ
T: Time-it seems to go by too quickly
U: Unite-as one country under God (there needs to be more of this)
V: Victory-I am a little on the competitive side
W: Waiting on God to decide what house we should live in
X: Nothing really goes with X besides X-tra chocolate (nothing wrong with X-tra Chocolate)
Y: Youth-my youth was awesome
Z: Zzzzzzzzz I could use some more of these

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