Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

19mth Pictures

So since the computer was out of service for a while-I am just getting my latest and greatest pics on here. Sorry for the vaca! ha
Possible-Hopefully-New House
Made an offer now we get to wait it out
Living Room of new house my FAV
What happens when kids BITE at daycare-yes that is a bite mark
on her forehead
Addison heading to MS for the Crawlfish Boil
Kyler (Ali's little boy) and Addison 3mths apart
Kyler-Ali's, Addison-Mine, Drake-Amy's
22mths, 19mths, 15mths
No we couldn't have planned it if we tried
Addison with her new Pottery Barn Elephant Chair!
My best consignment purchase EVER
Wahhhooooooo Mommy WINS!~
And yep HUGE smile when I walked in the door with it


  1. So jealous of your consignment purchase!! My hubby told em no more consignment after last weekend. I just can't refuse the deals that I get at them! I love the elephant chair! Pottery Barn is my fave. In fact, I think we are going tehre this weekend for big girl bedding!!

  2. haha thanks! I am so proud of it-I guess they didn't know what they had. Uwwwww have FUN bedding shopping-I am right behind ya on that. Addisons hopefully new bedroom is green-so I am thinking bright white with birds for her room.