Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Story of Poo

After a lovely day of accounting I drove on over to pick up Addison from daycare. What a lovely place daycare is..........Addison ran to me and wiped what I thought was dirty snotty hands on my pants but no no wait for it.......wait.......POOOOOOOO all over her hands! She had pottied and then proceded to take it out of her diaper and get it all over her shirt, pants, everything in sight. AS WELL AS all over me. THANK YOU Addison for the lovely new smell. Then she screamed all the way home-because she is not one for sitting in her own Poo (can't blame her). So we are not to far from potty training-she knows when she goes but we are just not to the warning Mommy that it is coming.
This is what it's like to be a Mom
On another side note-our computer at home is infected! LOVELY......I have pictures to post from the Zoo and the Park but can't get them loaded at home. Hopefully tonight I can un-infect the computer and get it up and running.
*Sunday night Addison did not sleep good at all (very rare) she usually really likes her sleep. But I think her tummy was upset from me feeding her cheese all day. All she wanted was to be held. Which was fine by me. I picked her up and rocked her until she fell asleep on me. Hope everyone enjoyed the nice 70 degree weather this past weekend. I know we did! Can't wait for more warm weather.

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  1. OH my word!!! I can't imagine! I think I would die. You poor mama. I know it is not funny, but you will laugh about it down the road. ;-)

    **My laptop got a virus too. My computer guy said it was from Facebook! I am so careful now. It is too darn expensive to have them fixed!!