Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

18 months

To a year and a half! YAY
Yesterday we had her 18mth apt. with Dr. Mitchell.
Addison is 23.9lbs (45%)
32 inches (50%)
46 head (50%)
Perfectly healthy-extremely happy kiddo
Size 24mth clothes-moving into 2T for Spring & Summer (oh we can't wait for sunny days!)
Size 5 shoe-moving into size 6 very soon
Size 4 diaper although a little big
Eats-Anything (but won't try a black olive-haha
Loves her fruit-milk and water
Words: Bath, Dawg, Murky Mouse, Elmo, Mamma, DaDa, Lyla, Oranges, Water, Milk, Baby, Nina, Shoes,  Addie, and she tries to repeat everything we say. She knows where her bellybutton-nose-ears-teeth-toes-eyes and hair all are. She loves to brush my hair. Her favorite thing to do is to go through my products underneath my sink-but of shampoo bottels and makeup. Pretty much anything she can get into-she does.
Her newest thing-when you ask her where something is she holds out her hands like "I don't know". She is such a little blessing in our lives. She keeps me going all the time.
Addison loves to be outside-kid after my own heart.
Bedtime is 8p.m. and she sleeps every night all the way until we wake her up around 7.
(This kid loves her sleep). Naptime is every day after lunch.
We Love You Addison & Thank God for you Everyday

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