Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Every night before dinner we hold hands as a family and say a prayer before we eat. For the last couple of weeks Addison adds an AMEN at the end when we say it. Last night before dinner as Bryan and I held hands she took both of her hands-laid one on Bryans hand and one on mine. Then as we got close to the end of the prayer-really loudly she says AMEN and then pulls our hands apart. 2 cute! I guess she was really hungry and trying to speed this whole prayer thing up! ha what a mess.
18mths old

Friday, February 18, 2011


And why is this post called Time Out??? YEP you guessed it-Miss cutie patootie herself has gotten in trouble. She hits-she was into bitting but now we have graduated to hitting. BUUUTTTTT she only hits me! I have tried tone of voice low and high, hitting her on the wrist (she frowns then laughs), telling her NOOOO really loud. But now-I have decided to try to resist all of these tactics used against her and have a TIME OUT corner in the house. It gives Mommy a time to relax from getting hit in the face-and it gives Addison a moment of silence to sit by herself. I am hoping that this will work.
------------Last night she got in trouble for trying to climb on the table-so Bryan placed her in time out-----well miss priss was within an arms reach of her car and hit the car clear across the room-----we tried really really hard not to laugh----but my goodness----this kid is something else. We are fully aware that we have our hands full.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A very tiny picture post!

Welll the computer got a virus and it is down for the count at the moment-So I am trying this from another computer-and obviously it ain't workin so well-but if you get a magnified glass you can see the pictures and what we've been up to lately! haha

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

18 months

To a year and a half! YAY
Yesterday we had her 18mth apt. with Dr. Mitchell.
Addison is 23.9lbs (45%)
32 inches (50%)
46 head (50%)
Perfectly healthy-extremely happy kiddo
Size 24mth clothes-moving into 2T for Spring & Summer (oh we can't wait for sunny days!)
Size 5 shoe-moving into size 6 very soon
Size 4 diaper although a little big
Eats-Anything (but won't try a black olive-haha
Loves her fruit-milk and water
Words: Bath, Dawg, Murky Mouse, Elmo, Mamma, DaDa, Lyla, Oranges, Water, Milk, Baby, Nina, Shoes,  Addie, and she tries to repeat everything we say. She knows where her bellybutton-nose-ears-teeth-toes-eyes and hair all are. She loves to brush my hair. Her favorite thing to do is to go through my products underneath my sink-but of shampoo bottels and makeup. Pretty much anything she can get into-she does.
Her newest thing-when you ask her where something is she holds out her hands like "I don't know". She is such a little blessing in our lives. She keeps me going all the time.
Addison loves to be outside-kid after my own heart.
Bedtime is 8p.m. and she sleeps every night all the way until we wake her up around 7.
(This kid loves her sleep). Naptime is every day after lunch.
We Love You Addison & Thank God for you Everyday

Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh YES I Did!

Oh yes I did just put an order in for my new CHUCK TAYLOR'S!!
My newest pair is charcoal! Yippeee-I totally went against my husbands wishes on this one. He said NO and that I am 2 old for converse shoes. Sorry but they are comfy and yes I will make them cute! I could not resist. The battle of Yes No Yes No took place and YES won!
Yipoeeeee!!! This will be my 3rd fabulous pair
1st pair-Hot Pink high top around 6 yrs old
2nd pair purple-in middle school
3rd pair charcoal-NOW
Growing Up? Totally out of the question-I mean what fun is that!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Story of Poo

After a lovely day of accounting I drove on over to pick up Addison from daycare. What a lovely place daycare is..........Addison ran to me and wiped what I thought was dirty snotty hands on my pants but no no wait for it.......wait.......POOOOOOOO all over her hands! She had pottied and then proceded to take it out of her diaper and get it all over her shirt, pants, everything in sight. AS WELL AS all over me. THANK YOU Addison for the lovely new smell. Then she screamed all the way home-because she is not one for sitting in her own Poo (can't blame her). So we are not to far from potty training-she knows when she goes but we are just not to the warning Mommy that it is coming.
This is what it's like to be a Mom
On another side note-our computer at home is infected! LOVELY......I have pictures to post from the Zoo and the Park but can't get them loaded at home. Hopefully tonight I can un-infect the computer and get it up and running.
*Sunday night Addison did not sleep good at all (very rare) she usually really likes her sleep. But I think her tummy was upset from me feeding her cheese all day. All she wanted was to be held. Which was fine by me. I picked her up and rocked her until she fell asleep on me. Hope everyone enjoyed the nice 70 degree weather this past weekend. I know we did! Can't wait for more warm weather.