Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where's Marley and intro to 2011

I'll begin this post by saying I LOVE DOGS-always have always will
BUT at some point in a dogs life-you have to say-is this really the way a dog should have to live her life
The answer for us was no.......Marley is a 75lb female boxer I bought in 2008 as a puppy for a pet. Marley has always had a lot of energy and has been a very needy dog. Sounds weird-but this is my 1st big dog to ever own outside of having poodles. We live on a zero lot line house with the 4 of us cramed under one roof. No backyard. Which means putting Marley in a kennel all day and taking her out to potty on a leash everytime she needed to go. It was a lot! So we found another home for Marley this last Thursday before New Years. A lady contacted me on craigslist who has a 2yr old boxer named Cooper. They came over and Cooper and Marley played until they wore each other out. It was a very happy moment for us underneath the tears. Marley no longer has to be caged up everyday-she has Cooper to play with and has a doggie door and a huge backyard! Marley will be so much happier. The people that we gave Marley to said that they treat their dogs like kids-they go everywhere with them. That is the kind of life I wanted to provide for Marley. So here are some pictures of Marley and Addison that I took before Marley left with Cooper. P.S.-this is our last dog until Addison says that she wants one and we move out of this house.
Best of friends
Addison 16mths-Marley 2 
Addison & Marley playing on the couch 
Addison tackling Marley 
This dog was very good with kids 
And very protective of Addison & Me 
Marley wanting to ride in Addison's new car 
January 2nd 2011
To begin a new year, new 1st's, new traditions, new people, new adventures, new beginnings,
So excited to see what this new year brings! 
Keeping up with this little one is challenging!
Should help me with one of my resolutions! ha 
16mths thumb sucker 

Yes this is my kid! Loves SHOES! 
Sweet Feet
She'd rather be barefoot all year long 
Watching football 
My lil Lovey 


  1. I was wondering if you went through with it. I know it was tough to let her go but I'm sure she is very happy with a new buddy! Love the new background. Too cute!

  2. Heather- I am so proud of you for being able to do this. I know it was so hard to let her go but you did what was right for her. That is what being a parent is all about.. kids or dogs!