Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's going on with Miss 17mth old

Miss Addison awoke this morning at promptly 5:47a.m.! With a lovely crying/screaming sound coming from the lovely baby monitor. She usually sleeps till about 8:30 on the weekends and has to be woken up on the weekdays-she loves her sleep. Miss Addison had her 2nd ever diaper rash....Not real sure where this came from: here are a few options
a) Daycare not changing diapers
b) Sitting in the carrier while Bryan and I walk
c) Rice Chex
d) To much juice (just started on that)
e) I have no clue-but had better get rid of it fast
So I took her to daycare and explained the situation to her teachers and they said that they would help her through it. I was told to go get some Resinol and that that would really help. So far-she has calmed the screaming to a murmur slight scream but seems to be doing a little better. If anyone has any diaper rash Mom advice-please break it on out.
On a good note: Addison learned to say Mickey Mouse this morning!
It kinda comes out as Murkee Moose 2 cute!
So now we are up to: Up-Elmo-Mickey Mouse-Momma-Dada-Lyla-AJ-Amy-Amen and the letter A
Oh and how could I forget.........Here favorite word NOOOOOO while shaking her head and pointing her finger-geezzzz wonder where she learned that from.
This kiddo really keeps us going.
Mommy & Daddy love you Addison! Happy 17mths!

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