Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Go DAWGS weekend

Bryan & I were both off work to attend the Liberty Bowl Football Game
for Georgia vs. UCF on Friday Dec 31, 2010
Bryan had press/field tickets!! AWESOME-from Uncle Travis and Aunt Terri
Let's just say-that this topped off his 2010!

This was my box seat! hahaha
I am in the 4th window from the left waving 

Bryan is in his red GA jacket next to all the photographers 
Me and my Love 
Bryan in on the action 
Bryan got Brandon Boykins glove after the game 
Bryan & I after the game for our New Year's dinner with the family at Caraba's

Addison went to eat breakfast at the Embassy Suites with Uncle Travis, Aunt Terri, Caitlin and Lucas 
Step in Uga aka Russ 
Big Ole Boys on the sideline 
Bryan ready for the game! 
Let the game begin-they ended up loosing 10 to 6 but with box seats and field view-no complaints here. 
Great weekend to finish out our 2010
Mom and Dad kept Addison and then we picked her up on our way home. I got a nice kiss at 12-then it was off to bed for the Harp family.

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