Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day with the Harp's

This is the "We're going to do what-loook"
That's right 6inches of snow and no school=SNOW DAY 
Not 2 impressed with the crunchy sound 
Ok you can hold me now 
Daddy to the rescue 
Umm ok Dad that is far enough 
Not really a snow angel kinda girl at this point 
Ok maybe it's not too bad 
Oh its cold 
Mommy and mini me 

Getting ready to throw a snow ball at Daddy 
All smiles when he showed her how to knock the snow off the truck 
Love this pic of them 
Daddy's Girl from the start 
Who turned out the lights! 
Taken while holding her hand-she put my photography skills to the test

Sunday, January 9, 2011

17months Pics in the Hizouseee

I have been a little bumed with the weather being so cold-I really miss the outdoor warm shots on the camera with Addison running through the park or in the water-park. Soooo I took my camera out and got my husband to take some of the two of us and then I took the one's of just Addison-she was a mess tonight. Running all over the house-you may ask-how did you get her to stand still to take the pic.....BAHAHAHA I know how kids work----give her the cell phone!

Addison calling Gandaddy-no joke-she called him 
Sleepy Addie 
Fav pic of the night-maybe a framer 
What is going on outside of our house right now!
Hopefully 6 inches or so (that is huge for Memphis)
Schools are out tomorrow and the Northerners are laughing at us. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's going on with Miss 17mth old

Miss Addison awoke this morning at promptly 5:47a.m.! With a lovely crying/screaming sound coming from the lovely baby monitor. She usually sleeps till about 8:30 on the weekends and has to be woken up on the weekdays-she loves her sleep. Miss Addison had her 2nd ever diaper rash....Not real sure where this came from: here are a few options
a) Daycare not changing diapers
b) Sitting in the carrier while Bryan and I walk
c) Rice Chex
d) To much juice (just started on that)
e) I have no clue-but had better get rid of it fast
So I took her to daycare and explained the situation to her teachers and they said that they would help her through it. I was told to go get some Resinol and that that would really help. So far-she has calmed the screaming to a murmur slight scream but seems to be doing a little better. If anyone has any diaper rash Mom advice-please break it on out.
On a good note: Addison learned to say Mickey Mouse this morning!
It kinda comes out as Murkee Moose 2 cute!
So now we are up to: Up-Elmo-Mickey Mouse-Momma-Dada-Lyla-AJ-Amy-Amen and the letter A
Oh and how could I forget.........Here favorite word NOOOOOO while shaking her head and pointing her finger-geezzzz wonder where she learned that from.
This kiddo really keeps us going.
Mommy & Daddy love you Addison! Happy 17mths!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Where's Marley and intro to 2011

I'll begin this post by saying I LOVE DOGS-always have always will
BUT at some point in a dogs life-you have to say-is this really the way a dog should have to live her life
The answer for us was no.......Marley is a 75lb female boxer I bought in 2008 as a puppy for a pet. Marley has always had a lot of energy and has been a very needy dog. Sounds weird-but this is my 1st big dog to ever own outside of having poodles. We live on a zero lot line house with the 4 of us cramed under one roof. No backyard. Which means putting Marley in a kennel all day and taking her out to potty on a leash everytime she needed to go. It was a lot! So we found another home for Marley this last Thursday before New Years. A lady contacted me on craigslist who has a 2yr old boxer named Cooper. They came over and Cooper and Marley played until they wore each other out. It was a very happy moment for us underneath the tears. Marley no longer has to be caged up everyday-she has Cooper to play with and has a doggie door and a huge backyard! Marley will be so much happier. The people that we gave Marley to said that they treat their dogs like kids-they go everywhere with them. That is the kind of life I wanted to provide for Marley. So here are some pictures of Marley and Addison that I took before Marley left with Cooper. P.S.-this is our last dog until Addison says that she wants one and we move out of this house.
Best of friends
Addison 16mths-Marley 2 
Addison & Marley playing on the couch 
Addison tackling Marley 
This dog was very good with kids 
And very protective of Addison & Me 
Marley wanting to ride in Addison's new car 
January 2nd 2011
To begin a new year, new 1st's, new traditions, new people, new adventures, new beginnings,
So excited to see what this new year brings! 
Keeping up with this little one is challenging!
Should help me with one of my resolutions! ha 
16mths thumb sucker 

Yes this is my kid! Loves SHOES! 
Sweet Feet
She'd rather be barefoot all year long 
Watching football 
My lil Lovey 

Go DAWGS weekend

Bryan & I were both off work to attend the Liberty Bowl Football Game
for Georgia vs. UCF on Friday Dec 31, 2010
Bryan had press/field tickets!! AWESOME-from Uncle Travis and Aunt Terri
Let's just say-that this topped off his 2010!

This was my box seat! hahaha
I am in the 4th window from the left waving 

Bryan is in his red GA jacket next to all the photographers 
Me and my Love 
Bryan in on the action 
Bryan got Brandon Boykins glove after the game 
Bryan & I after the game for our New Year's dinner with the family at Caraba's

Addison went to eat breakfast at the Embassy Suites with Uncle Travis, Aunt Terri, Caitlin and Lucas 
Step in Uga aka Russ 
Big Ole Boys on the sideline 
Bryan ready for the game! 
Let the game begin-they ended up loosing 10 to 6 but with box seats and field view-no complaints here. 
Great weekend to finish out our 2010
Mom and Dad kept Addison and then we picked her up on our way home. I got a nice kiss at 12-then it was off to bed for the Harp family.