Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Joy of the true meaning of Christmas

I was baking cookies yesterday with Addison, Samantha, A.J. and Kelly (our new family tradition to do with the kids) and my husband called me. He said that he was working in Frasyer (mostly black-poorer community in Memphis) fixing the heat for a family of 3. The Mom works long hours and catches a ride to work with a co-worker due to her steering column going out in her van and the 13 year old boy was at home to meet Bryan and the older son works at FedEx. Something got to Bryan on that call. He told me that he felt led to do something for this family. So Bryan called the Pastor of the church that the family lives behind and asked what would benefit them the best (the Pastor owns the house that they live in). The Pastor told Bryan that Wal-Mart gift cards would do the most benefit. So before Bryan came home yesterday he stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up 3 giftcards and 3 cards. Then last night when he came home he picked up Addison and I and we headed to Frayser. He walked up to the door and greeted the Mom-which he had never met before. He told her that he did the heat for the house earlier that day and felt led by God to get them a little something for Christmas. When Bryan had called earlier he was upset that they didn't have anything under there tree. God has truly blessed our family and Bryan wanted to be a part of making there family Christmas a little brighter. The hug that this woman gave Bryan seemed to last for hours. Yes I sat in the car and cried like a baby. I was so proud of the man that I married. How selfless and loving he is. It is the true meaning of Christmas and following God's calling gave us even greater joy. God is so good and he places us in certain spots at certain times to benefit those in need. I pray that that little family has a blessed Christmas. And as for me-I am just blessed to have such a great husband with a heart of gold.

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  1. How wonderful!! Brought tears to my eyes. That is the reason for the season. Awesome job Bryan!!