Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Harpers

Christmas Eve-Ready for Santa 
Ganmomma & Addison 
Gandaddy & Addison 
Harper Family Christmas Pic 
My parents Christmas Tree 
Addison playing on the stairs=cheap fun! 
Addison with cousin AJ 
Unwrapping presents with Daddy-Christmas Eve 
Addison choosing the next one to open 
hahaha love this! She was laughing as he tore the paper off 
Gandaddy with his side-kick 
Mommy & Addison 16mths old 
Santa came to visit us!! 
Ohh wow! 
Dad! Seriously!! Look at this! 
YAY! Books, Tickle Me Elmo, Learning toys & a big Fluffy Dog! 
Christmas morning breakfast! YUM-I know-ya'll are wayyyy impressed! 
Addison with cousin Bryce 
Addison and I on Christmas morning at the Harpers in MS 
Hmmm what shall I get into next! 
Bryan with his favorite team hoodie 
In case I haven't mentioned it in this post.....I love this man
He is an amazing father with a heart of gold-ok back to posting...
Addison sleeping on her Daddy-rough day of family bonding for Christmas 
Harper Fam Pic 2010
(this is sooo not my good side) 

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