Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, December 6, 2010

16 Months and a long GA trip

Addison is 16 months old today!!
And she made it through her 2nd trip to GA over the weekend. It only took us 8hrs on Friday to get there! Goodness! We stayed with Cousin Jill over the weekend-she is so sweet for letting us stay for free! haha. On Saturday morning we drove an hour across town to meet with Aunt Gail, Nanny-Dan, Steve and Janet and Kristi (Bryan's father's side of the family). We ate brunch at O'Charleys in Newnan. Had a great time & took lots of pics. Then we headed to Douglasville, GA to do a little shopping before heading to Bryan's Mom's house. We found some great deals on some GA gear for the Liberty Bowl game coming up! Go DAWGS! Although I have TN still in my heart-I married a GA Dawg. We had homemade lasaugna from Joe & Dottie and enjoyed a nice evening with them-opening Christmas gifts and going to look at Christmas lights. Then on Sunday morning we woke up with Jill telling us to get up! haha we headed to Einstein Bagels for breakfast then made our trek back to Memphis. Well there was a slight stop at the Coach outlet where I purchased my Christmas gift from Bryan. (Not my fault-they gave me a 30% coupon when I walked in the door). They pretty much paid me to shop there! Addison was not a fan of the long trip-it was a whole lot of sitting for her at this age. We stopped about every 2-3 hours for a diaper change and a run-a-round time for her. Other than the cold air on her booty during diaper change time-she was a little trooper! Thanks to Kelly W for letting us borrow the Mickey Mouse, Veggie Tales and Chicken Run DVD's!! Addison watched all of them at least twice. Gotta love the DVD player in the car.

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