Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving with the Tyson Crew 2010

Great Uncle Mike with Addison (15mths old)
Family Pic 2010
(Don't plan on looking this plump next Thanksgiving) 
Gandaddy and Addison
Ganmomma & Gandaddy are her favorite people 
Gandaddy and his side kick 
Tyson Family Pic 
Thanksgiving this year was held at Mom and Dads. The entire family was there and all of their kids too. It was a great time-tons of food! I have been on the Animas Ping Pump for a week now and it is doing horrible. My blood sugar hit 507 today without me feeling any kind of warning signs. I don't see this lasting too long-looks like I may revert back to daily shots for better control. Anywho-we were able to spend all day with the family and let the kids run around. Addison ended up taking 2 naps in between us chasing her all around. Mom was such a huge help-she did most of the climbing of the stairs with Addison. I wouldn't trade my Mom for anything in the world! I later called her and had to thank her for helping me with Addison. This age is wearing me out! Maybe it will help me loose some weight. I can loose about 30 pounds at a time then if someone says-hey you look great-I start eating again and gain it all back! Sad but true. I am now thinking that I may burn this shirt I had on-kinda resembles a big brown blob. I have to loose the weight to control the diabetes and to help get pregnant one day (no we have not started that process yet). Hugs and Kisses to you and yours this Thanksgiving. I am heading to decorate for CHRISTMAS!!!!! On a side note-Bryan is hunting right now and without me asking-he sends me a text that says-would you like me to get the tree down tonight!!! hahaha OHHHHH how I love a guilty hunter!!

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