Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harper Family Day @ the Zoo

For my 29th Birthday I wanted the whole Harper family to have a day at the Zoo. WOW how Birthdays change! haha. Actually I wanted to take Addison so she could see the animals-and the way I got my husband to pay $35 and go see animals was to make it around my birthday! haha I WIN. Here are some pics from our outing on Saturday before we all got sick on Sunday.

(Mommy in July 2009 at the zoo-right before Addison was born)
(Mommy & Addison 1yr later at the zoo 2010)
Mommy & Addison checking out the monkeys 
 More monkeys for Daddy and Addison

 Hmmm can I eat these?
 Ok someone come get me! The Hay is not my friend

 14 months old and soooo much fun!

 Addison laughing at Mommy-I was running toward her
 Mommy with the baby monkey

 Leaving the Zoo-gotta have a picture from the front of the zoo
 2009 hugely preggo!
  1yr later 2010 @ the Zoo

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