Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Weekend

One day last week-hair in pig tails done by daycare! Talented group of ladies over there. No way would Addison sit still long enough for me to do this.
Addison in her ADORABLE! UT Football Cheerleader uniform
I better start saving up if that's what she wants to do
Thank you Ganmomma and Gandaddy for her precious outfit
Family Pic @ Kooky Canuks downton
10-9-10 for my 29th Birthday Dinner
(If you look real close you can see my left eye extremely pink!-Yes I got pink eye on my birthday
and Bryan was lucky enough to get the 24hr bug that included.....well I will keep it nice on here)
So that makes for a very interesting birthday! Thank goodness we went to the Zoo on Saturday and had dinner with friends----Justin & Robin and David & Jonell on Saturday night. Sunday I ate lunch with Mom and Dad at Holiday Ham in G'town for my birthday and we postponed the family birthday dinner for a week so we could all get better and attend.
Lovely pic of Addison on Bryan's shoulders but wanting Mommy
Sweetness! Daddy gets the best hugs!

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