Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

14 months old today!

Yep you know it's coming!
I can't believe she is already 14 months old
Here is what Miss Thang is doing now days........
Monday she got really sick and threw up after daycare in her carseat---and then every 15 minutes till 9p.m. then 3 times during the night, needless to say---NO one got any sleep that night. This comes 1 week after having pink-eye.
On to more exciting things.......
Addison is saying no no no to Marley (the dog) and pointing her finger. She seems to point at everything now.
She is wearing 18 month clothes and a 5 1/2 shoe
When she gets sleepy she sucks her left thumb and holds her pink blankie (looks like this will last a while)
She loves to point at pictures and for me and Dada to tell her who is in them
Books are a must! She loves to flip the pages and here animal sounds
She is saying-Mama, Dada, Up, No and she will repeat some of the things I say
Her favorite cartoon in the morning is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-which then has me singing Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Digity Dog all day at work
Something I think is pretty funny these days---she has a purse that Aunt Gail bought her for her birthday-she will get it and wear it on her arm where I wear mine! Seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.
She is not a morning baby & really enjoys her sleep
For the past 2 weeks we have been going to church and Addison has loved it-meeting new friends comes easy for her (I think she took after her Mommy). I love dressing her up in her smocked dresses.
Addison does not like tomato sauce or ketsup or green peas
She loves pears, cereal, bananas, pretty much any fruit and pasta
She is such a funny little girl-and still LOVES to dance to any music
I tried to get a picture of her sucking her 2 fingers backwards in her mouth (this is what I use to do)-but she quit just as my camera clicked.---Note to self-get a faster camera! ha
On a different note.....
I cried last night as I held her and thanked God for her and told her that I loved her. I told her that if anything happened to me that I would always watch her from Heaven. (I had a diabetes apt yesterday-which always seem to get me down). But the sweetest thing I have ever seen happened in the middle of this......As I was sitting there crying she held her hands up to me and climbed on my lap-she layed her head down on my shoulder-almost to tell me "Mommy-it's going to be ok" so sweet and made me really realize that I have to take better care of myself so I am here as long as possible for my daughter and husband. I love them sooooo much and they mean everything to me. No one can take better care of me than me. God has really showed me some very clear signs lately on diabetics all around me changing things, taking control, amputations, people around me having dreams. I get it God-I will do better.
Pictures soon to come.....

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