Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Our Halloween started a week ago when Bryan Addison and I attended the Hope Fall Fest with my good friend Kelly and her husband Travis and Marshall their little boy-he is about 3wks younger than Addison. We went to Kellys house in Oakland last night and had a blast!! Marshall was Mickey Mouse and Addison was a Bumble Bee. Marshall was super excited about Trick or Treating & Addison wanted nothing to do with it! ha-No joke-We put them in the wagon and Addison screamed to get out. I am not sure if it was just too cold-or dark or that it was 30min from her 8p.m. bedtime or a combo of all of the above. Thanks Kelly for the invite!! Here are some pics of our weekend.
-Addison & Daddy at the petting zoo
-What is it about putting a tutu on a girl that
turns her into a ballerina! haha 
Addison & Marshall
"Bumble Bee & Mickey Mouse" 
Me and Kelly
Makin Mommyhood look easy! haha 
Me and my other half 
Serious pumpkin carving 
Addison 1st Halloween Party at school
Lyla, Lucas, Addison, Megan, Carter, Jaiden 
Such a sweet litle Bee 
1st house I choose-due to the dog being there! haha 1pt Mommy! 
Marshall & Addison (very hard to keep still these days!)
Photo Shoot w/ Marley and Addison 2010
Notice the Blues Clues Dog Pumpkin (talent I know)
-My sweet Bumble Bees 
This Bumble Bee can get away quick! 
My unhappy Bumble Bee 
2010 Race 4 the Cure Memphis Style!!!!
Best Neighboors EVER-Justin and Robin
Addison aka Addiecakes is crazy about them
Robin, Justin & Michelle 
Robin & I at the Race, early early & cold!
But hey-Waffle house was on our list next! 
Justin-aka Uncle Big Daddy & Addie G 

Sideways pic of Addison
She loved it! 19,000 people  

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Fest Addison dancing

14mth dancin to live band

Our Weekend Wrap Up

Hank Williams concert Friday night-Great show
Great Friends Amy & Brandon 
Bryan and Addison Saturday night at the Arlington Fall Festival
Sooooo much FuN!~ 
Love these boots I got mini me-but they refuse to stay on her feet
Cute but not practical 
Skinny jeans! A must at 14mths old~haha 
The love of our life! Daddy says she now needs a little brother or sister!
Bahahahhaah Ummmm not unless men start having babies! 
Addison aka Lynos-Blankie is never far away 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harper Family Day @ the Zoo

For my 29th Birthday I wanted the whole Harper family to have a day at the Zoo. WOW how Birthdays change! haha. Actually I wanted to take Addison so she could see the animals-and the way I got my husband to pay $35 and go see animals was to make it around my birthday! haha I WIN. Here are some pics from our outing on Saturday before we all got sick on Sunday.

(Mommy in July 2009 at the zoo-right before Addison was born)
(Mommy & Addison 1yr later at the zoo 2010)
Mommy & Addison checking out the monkeys 
 More monkeys for Daddy and Addison

 Hmmm can I eat these?
 Ok someone come get me! The Hay is not my friend

 14 months old and soooo much fun!

 Addison laughing at Mommy-I was running toward her
 Mommy with the baby monkey

 Leaving the Zoo-gotta have a picture from the front of the zoo
 2009 hugely preggo!
  1yr later 2010 @ the Zoo

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Birthday Weekend

One day last week-hair in pig tails done by daycare! Talented group of ladies over there. No way would Addison sit still long enough for me to do this.
Addison in her ADORABLE! UT Football Cheerleader uniform
I better start saving up if that's what she wants to do
Thank you Ganmomma and Gandaddy for her precious outfit
Family Pic @ Kooky Canuks downton
10-9-10 for my 29th Birthday Dinner
(If you look real close you can see my left eye extremely pink!-Yes I got pink eye on my birthday
and Bryan was lucky enough to get the 24hr bug that included.....well I will keep it nice on here)
So that makes for a very interesting birthday! Thank goodness we went to the Zoo on Saturday and had dinner with friends----Justin & Robin and David & Jonell on Saturday night. Sunday I ate lunch with Mom and Dad at Holiday Ham in G'town for my birthday and we postponed the family birthday dinner for a week so we could all get better and attend.
Lovely pic of Addison on Bryan's shoulders but wanting Mommy
Sweetness! Daddy gets the best hugs!