Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sooooo worn out

So this weekend pretty much consisted of me cleaning the house top to bottom-so much so that my diabetes is having trouble keeping up. I drank 3 cokes on Saturday just to get my blood sugar to stay around 50. Then after my Matilda Jane party on Sunday afternoon I got another low before bed-which I over ate and drank and ended up at 425 this morning! WOW-that will seriously exhaust you. So after a few thoughts about what I was doing wrong-I decided that maybe the insulin pump is the way to go. I had a pump back in 2001 but only for about a year before it decided that it didn't want to work with my body. So now I have decided to try the Omnipod out to see if I can get a better control on my diabetes. This past year marked my 20th year to have Type 1 diabetes-wow how time flys. Back when I was 8 years old the doctor told me that I would most likely not be able to have children. Boy were they wrong. In July of 2008 we did loose a pregnany very early on but then we did a whole lot of praying and a whole lot of bonding! We went to Mexico just to get outta here after that event. Then in December of 2008 we got pregnant with Addison Grace-what an amazing event. To be told that you can't have a baby-then birth a perfect angel is beyond words. God is good. Such a prayer was answered the day she was born. I prayed and prayed and worked the hardest I'd ever worked on my diabetes in my life. Everything I did was for that baby to be born healthy without any problems. I had to keep my bloodsugars right in line so Addison would not get to a huge weight. By the end of my pregnancy the ultrasound tech thought Addison was measuring about 12 pounds-to the doctor's surprise she weighed in at a healthy 8lbs 6oz. His exact words were "Hey-this baby's not as big as we thought" so needless to say-we had to go buy itty bitty baby clothes! ha-Not real sure why I waited 13 months to write all this-maybe because that was the best control I'd ever been in. But having a baby makes you change the way you start thinking about things-which is another reason I may be changing from Lantus and Humalog to the pump.

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