Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fair and Germantown Festival 2010

Addison at the Delta Fair with Mommy 2010
Addison running from Mommy!
Caught her! Delta Fair HOT Day in Memphis 2010
Addison stylin for a quick pic before heading down to Justin and Robins
Addison chillaxin in the big chair
Mom aka Ganmomma with Addison at the
Germantown Festival 2010
We go every year-I was so excited to introduce Addison to the Festival!
Addison and Mommy-
Addison had a great time dancing to the band and people watching!
My new picture layout over my couch-way cooler than before
Hobbylobby is my friend! They put the wire and hangers on the back of every frame!
Oh and the pillows~Umm yeah BedBath&Beyond pillow covers! I know right~get outta here
$9.99 you too can cover a non-matching pillow
Marley and her LOOK
Addison on the way home from daycare

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