Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, September 13, 2010

Attitude Already-Goodness

Little Miss Priss aka....Addison Grace now gives you the eyebrows when you tell her NO or when someone she doesn't know talks to her. Could this be the attitude already! We are just now 13 months old. Goodness how little girls rule the house! Her new word is UPpppppp and she loves to give hugs-and LOVES to give the dog hugs. Not just our dog gets hugs-every dog she comes in contact with. This kiddo loves dogs-cats and her latest love is live bands! haha-Germantown Festival a band was playing & she couldn't stop moving. This kid dances all the time and loves music. She is such a mess and we are loving every minute of it. I will try to catch a picture of the eyebrows! (Yes of course she comes by it honestly!-I pretty much need botox for my crease line.)

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  1. Hi you guys,

    Was just checking out your blog, and thought I would chime in. . .If Addison is beginning to show some signs of musical ability and rhythm, she must get it from the Harper side of the family - get it? You can't be a "Harper" without having some musical interest/talent. We are all musicians to a degree, some better than others. Her Great Granddad, a.k.a. Pawpaw Harper played the "fiddle" and guitar and sang, her Great Uncle Steve plays the trumpet and guitar and sings, her Great Grandmother sings, her Great Aunt Gail is classically trained on the violin, was in the Youth Symphony of Atlanta, played at Symphony Hall, among other venues, was in All State orchestra x 3 and plays the piano. Her Second Cousin Rebecca is an exceptional violinist in the orchestra at First Baptist in Orlando and has played professionally with Disney musicians, recently played in a 200-piece orchestra at the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando accompanying a 1,000-voice choir, etc., etc., etc., if you weren't already aware. Just a little (or a lot) of Harper musical trivia. Another tidbit, the Harper name originated in England, where the "Harper's" were musicians for the English royalty, i.e., Kings and Queens.

    Love ya'll and take care,
    Aunt Gail