Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


TODAY Addison is 1 year-1 month-1 week-1 day and in another 2 hours she will be 1 hour old~! Crazy! So for this blessed event she wore a pink shirt with flower pants & her cute little Keds shoes to school. haha. Yesterday I picked her up from daycare & she had a cut above her lip. I asked what happened-then saw the Boo Boo sheet-it said...............Addison was climbing backwards down the ladder and fell off and hit her face on the ground! DOOOOOO WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT???? What is a 13 month old doing climbing backwards down a ladder-or better yet even doing on a ladder! So I called her Daddy & he immediately called the school. They then let him know that it was a 2ft ladder connected to the slide. Then we were a little calmer. They said that Addison loves to climb up the side and then turn around and climb back down the wrong way. She is not much on going down the slide. So needless to say-Mommy will not be taking pics until the Boo Boo goes away.

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