Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall 2010 Pics

 She loves to swing 9.26.2010
This is a framer when Bryan gets a man room 
Bryan and his mini me 
Loves to play with Dad 
13 months old-still loving blankie 
Fall September 2010 pictures in Arlington 

Mommy will be building another photo book soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Missing Mawmaw

Today is the one year anniversary of my Grandmother (MawMaw) passing away. Although I miss her each and every day-I find peace knowing that she is in Heaven watching my every move and calling me by my full name when I do something crazy. haha-I am sure she finds it funny with me raising my daughter and how I have handled being a Mommy. There are so many times that I have picked up the phone to call her and then set it down and cried. It is rough-but seems to be getting better. I pray that Addison has this same connection with my Mom as I did with MawMaw. I know she is up there happy & healthy with my always loving Pawpaw. Such a story of love. One that I always wanted to have and now do have. I have had such strong rolemodels in my family to watch and to guide my life by. Life could have ended up so differently for me-but I laugh at the way things could have gone--and turn around and thank God over and over for the way things are & for unanswered prayers. God has a plan all of the time. I thank God for the time we had with Mawmaw and Pawpaw and how we have such great memories with them. Addison was able to see Mawmaw 3 times in 7wks before Mawmaw passed away. No doubt I could hear my Grandmother laugh when I tell Addison NO and she gets her eyebrows all bent out of shape at me. Or when Addison shakes her head and tells me No No No Mama. Ohhh how I know they watch over me and this learning process of being a Mom.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

You Bite Me I'll Hit You. Fair?

This is so my kid! So a little boy bit Addison at school yesterday and he got what was coming for him. She hauled off and hit him! Sorry I couldn't help but giggle on the inside. I could just see someone bitting her and then she would get her eyebrows after him and rare back and hit him (the mean eyebrow thing is when we tell her no or she doesn't like something). Very funny-probably not so funny when she is about 12 or so. Can't say that I blame her-but geezzz this bitting stage has got to quit.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pics in our Jammies night

Tonight September 22, 2010 I got out the camera and took pics of Addison running around the house brushing her hair after her bath. She goes wild after bathtime.
Addison brushing her hair-love those curls!
This is the UP Mom face
Yes I am innocent
Guess she learned how to play with her hair from her Aunt Kelly
-makin sure the curls were all in place before bedtime.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fair and Germantown Festival 2010

Addison at the Delta Fair with Mommy 2010
Addison running from Mommy!
Caught her! Delta Fair HOT Day in Memphis 2010
Addison stylin for a quick pic before heading down to Justin and Robins
Addison chillaxin in the big chair
Mom aka Ganmomma with Addison at the
Germantown Festival 2010
We go every year-I was so excited to introduce Addison to the Festival!
Addison and Mommy-
Addison had a great time dancing to the band and people watching!
My new picture layout over my couch-way cooler than before
Hobbylobby is my friend! They put the wire and hangers on the back of every frame!
Oh and the pillows~Umm yeah BedBath&Beyond pillow covers! I know right~get outta here
$9.99 you too can cover a non-matching pillow
Marley and her LOOK
Addison on the way home from daycare

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sooooo worn out

So this weekend pretty much consisted of me cleaning the house top to bottom-so much so that my diabetes is having trouble keeping up. I drank 3 cokes on Saturday just to get my blood sugar to stay around 50. Then after my Matilda Jane party on Sunday afternoon I got another low before bed-which I over ate and drank and ended up at 425 this morning! WOW-that will seriously exhaust you. So after a few thoughts about what I was doing wrong-I decided that maybe the insulin pump is the way to go. I had a pump back in 2001 but only for about a year before it decided that it didn't want to work with my body. So now I have decided to try the Omnipod out to see if I can get a better control on my diabetes. This past year marked my 20th year to have Type 1 diabetes-wow how time flys. Back when I was 8 years old the doctor told me that I would most likely not be able to have children. Boy were they wrong. In July of 2008 we did loose a pregnany very early on but then we did a whole lot of praying and a whole lot of bonding! We went to Mexico just to get outta here after that event. Then in December of 2008 we got pregnant with Addison Grace-what an amazing event. To be told that you can't have a baby-then birth a perfect angel is beyond words. God is good. Such a prayer was answered the day she was born. I prayed and prayed and worked the hardest I'd ever worked on my diabetes in my life. Everything I did was for that baby to be born healthy without any problems. I had to keep my bloodsugars right in line so Addison would not get to a huge weight. By the end of my pregnancy the ultrasound tech thought Addison was measuring about 12 pounds-to the doctor's surprise she weighed in at a healthy 8lbs 6oz. His exact words were "Hey-this baby's not as big as we thought" so needless to say-we had to go buy itty bitty baby clothes! ha-Not real sure why I waited 13 months to write all this-maybe because that was the best control I'd ever been in. But having a baby makes you change the way you start thinking about things-which is another reason I may be changing from Lantus and Humalog to the pump.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boo Boo reports at school

So.......last week Addison was bitten by a classmate when she was playing in the fabric tunnel-through her shirt-two teeth marks through the skin-along with a black bruise around a very sensitive part of her chest. The teachers said it hurt her pretty bad. Then yesterday I picked her up and she had 2 boo boo reports. This time one was for getting bitten by a classmate and the other one was that someone made her mad on the playground and she bit them back!! HAHA-ok sorry I should not support biting but this is the same kid that bit her earlier (the teacher said she saw a kid make Addison mad and it was the kid who does the bitting-so when Addison went to bite him they didn't stop her). Way to go-she has to stand up for herself even at 13 months old. I can't believe self defense starts so early. Addison has bitten me twice-but it was because she got so excited-not because she was mad. At least not yet.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


TODAY Addison is 1 year-1 month-1 week-1 day and in another 2 hours she will be 1 hour old~! Crazy! So for this blessed event she wore a pink shirt with flower pants & her cute little Keds shoes to school. haha. Yesterday I picked her up from daycare & she had a cut above her lip. I asked what happened-then saw the Boo Boo sheet-it said...............Addison was climbing backwards down the ladder and fell off and hit her face on the ground! DOOOOOO WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT???? What is a 13 month old doing climbing backwards down a ladder-or better yet even doing on a ladder! So I called her Daddy & he immediately called the school. They then let him know that it was a 2ft ladder connected to the slide. Then we were a little calmer. They said that Addison loves to climb up the side and then turn around and climb back down the wrong way. She is not much on going down the slide. So needless to say-Mommy will not be taking pics until the Boo Boo goes away.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Attitude Already-Goodness

Little Miss Priss aka....Addison Grace now gives you the eyebrows when you tell her NO or when someone she doesn't know talks to her. Could this be the attitude already! We are just now 13 months old. Goodness how little girls rule the house! Her new word is UPpppppp and she loves to give hugs-and LOVES to give the dog hugs. Not just our dog gets hugs-every dog she comes in contact with. This kiddo loves dogs-cats and her latest love is live bands! haha-Germantown Festival a band was playing & she couldn't stop moving. This kid dances all the time and loves music. She is such a mess and we are loving every minute of it. I will try to catch a picture of the eyebrows! (Yes of course she comes by it honestly!-I pretty much need botox for my crease line.)

Sunday, September 5, 2010