Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthday Party & 1 Year Pics

So we had Addisons Family Birthday Party on August 7th at 11a.m. with BBQ-Cupcakes and lots of Zebra and Hot Pink Decor! Everyone wore black and white and hot pink-made for some super cute pictures! (Will post soon-I promise). Addison got in a 2hr nap at Mom and Dads before the big event at their house. Great Great Aunt Nuna-Uncle Bill, Great Aunt Debbie & Uncle Tommy, Cousin Jill, Aunt Kelly, AJ, Samantha, Aunt Katie, Meme, Poppy, Gammy, Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Big Daddy aka Justin and Robin were all there to celebrate with you on your big day! Ms. Barbara your teacher made you an adorable outfit it was black and white zebra with a "1" on the front with your name in pink over the "1" with matching white bloomers with zebra bows-it was adorable! You got lots of clothes, books, toys and dolls. Mommy helped you blow out your candle-although I am sure you would have rather done it yourself. You took the cupcake with both hands and planted your face in it. It was great! Lots of pictures to come. After a day of partying you took a long nap before we were off to Amy and Kyles Wedding Shower. Then on Sunday you and Mommy had a picture session at the Agri-Center in front of the sunflowers-such cute pics but it was one hot day. Ohhhh and not to forget me you Aunt Kelly-AJ and Samantha took you to ChuckeeCheeses on your actual birthday and let you run wild! It was soooo funny-you loved the rides and giggled and smiled the whole time!

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