Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, July 9, 2010


Here lately when I drop Addison off at dayare she has been grabbing on to my shirt and not wanting me to put her down. When I put her down she stands there looks down and has these huge tears running down her face. There is a part of me that just wants to pick her up and go ok-let's go have fun today! It is so rough to have her stand there and cry and know that I have to go to work. Although I know she doesn't cry for long-the reason I know this is because I went to the itty bitty baby room and talked to someone about an outfit she is making for Addison-when I looked back at Addison she was standing there playing with a toy with all tears dried up. I know she enjoys the creeper room because she can play all day & run around the room. But sometimes it is so tough leaving her behind. I will try to post some pictures on here this weekend. And I am still in the process of getting all of Addison's birthday stuff together-which has now become 2 parties. 1 for family & 1 for friends. Also-our house is still on the market & I pray everyday for someone to come buy it. That way I can move to a bigger house with more space to put more stuff in! haha-Nah actually I need a backyard for Addison & Marley to play in and a TV room for my husband (so he can decorate with all of his redneck GA and hunting stuff). Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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