Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, July 30, 2010

1 week away from 1 year!

Ohhhhh me!!! Next Friday August 6th Addison will be 1 year old! My goodness how fast a year can go. She has changed so much & has really grown into her personality.
She has been transitioning into the toddler room at daycare where they do not have cribs to sleep in! Yesterday she was in there from 9a.m.-5:30p.m. had outside play time, slep on her little toddler cott and played all day with the older kids. She has really just been growing up a little too quick for Mommy & Daddy. We have child proofed the house to an extent so she doesn't hurt herself-but we have left some things so we can teach the meaning of NOOOOOO. So far so good! We tell her NO and she stops!! YAY for Mommy & Daddy-we will see how long this will last. We are still throwing a mild temper tantrum when I drop her off at daycare-unless I hand her straight to a teacher. Right now she eats anything we give her-loves cheerios, mandarin oranges, graham crackers and mac & cheese. She is walking everywhere & usually likes to have something in both hands-most of the time she walks around holding her shoes. I will post some more pictures soon-we have her "friend" Birthday Party on Sunday! Hopefully it will go good! My Mom & I have done a lot planning for it and getting ready for Addison & her friends to have a great time.

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