Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, June 28, 2010

We have a walker!!

Addison is not slowing down for anything! At 10 months old she is walking!
At 8 months she was crawling up a storm-so I guess it was just a matter of time
She is so stinkin cute-she can get up on her feet so fast and then she walks not exactly steady yet-but she is quickly getting there. She is wearing a size 3 shoe in infants size. My Dad says that it is her chubby legs that are holding her up. She is reaching for the door handles and holds on to the table if she needs to balance
I left her in my room and walked into the living room & here she came through the living room walking after me! haha I love it-a whole new freedom for her. It is amazing how quickly you exit the baby stage.
She is saying DaDa-Mumma-and I can't decide what word it will be next-it will either be "Marley No or Shoes"-everytime I put her shoes on I say "Shoes". I broke down and bought her a new carseat and new shoes this week. I did my homework and bought the Safety 1st Alpha Omega-should have it in sometime this week. She is at 20lbs so I will keep her facing the back seat for a while. Her new shoes are Keds T-strap tennis shoes-a must have for a new walker. Expensive little things-but I want her to have good shoes to walk in.

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  1. I bet she is just a doll toddling around :) I learned this from some good friends w/ older kiddos, but another kind of good shoes for learning how to walk, indoors at least, are Robeez. They are nice, soft leather so kids can feel the ground underneath them, plus they don't have rubber soles to get caught on the carpet. Good luck and Take care,