Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Addison and Daddy-although Daddy had to be cropped out of this pic because he closed his eyes!
 (Way to go Dada)

Addison & Her Daddy on Bryan's 1st Father's Day
June 20 2010
Father's Day Lunch at Corky's
Father's Day 2010
Breakfast at Cracker Barrel
Addison playing at Cracker Barrel
June 20, 2010
Harper Fam before breakfast on Father's Day
Gandaddy & Addison
Father's Day 2010
Addison rocking in the little rocking chair
at Cracker Barrel
Father's Day morning was filled with 5 cards from Addison & I-3 from Addison (one with her footprints) and 2 from me-thanking him for being such a hands-on kind of Dad. He is so helpful and calm with Addison & loves her to death. He tells her he loves her every morning and evening-wakes up with her every morning for breakfast & diaper change. He is one great caring Dad! Addison and I gave "Dad" tickets to the Atlanta Braves Game in July and a frame that had 4 pictures in it that had Addison holding a D-A-D-A in black & white (seriously the cutest thing ever!) I stole the idea from another creative blog I came across. My husband LOVED it and said that it was the perfect gift because he would have it forever.
Breakfast was at Cracker Barrel with my Dad-Mom-and Kelly
We gave Dad a gun-yeah sounds odd. But he wanted a pellet gun to shoot squirel with (slightly redneck).
Then off to Corky's on Poplar to meet up with Bryan's Dad-Mom-Sister Katie & Bryce
After that we went to the pool at Kelly's place and let Addison swim around in her new float
This Kid LOVES the water!
After that we ate at Wendy's because I was starving then we ate AGAIN at Justin's house
So needless to say-we ate all day on Father's Day
We had a great day although I was a little on the moody side.

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