Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

10 Wonderful Months of Addisonville

Addison Grace turned 10 months old on June 6, 2010!
Wow how ten month can fly by.
Here is what Addison is up to nowdays:
Sleeps with her pink chenille blankie every nap time & bedtime
No paci (thank goodness)-very easy to break her of taking it-she stopped herself
Sucks her left thumb when sleepy-while holding her blankie
Moving up to creepers room-finally! She was the 2nd to oldest one in her daycare room-but the most active in the group.
Ms. Genille, Ms. Barbara, Ms. Beth, Ms. Jesse are her teachers
She loves bathtime & thinks it's funny when all of her clothes are off
She loves the Collierville water park-not at first but then she warms up to it
She likes to hold on to me or Bryan & run through the water falls with her mouth open
She now goes from sitting straight to standing up
About a week ago she took her 1st few steps
She has happy feet & they move all of the time
I think when she slows her feet down-she will be off & walking
She is not a nap kinda kid-she saves her nap time for the ride home from daycare in my car
She eats pretty much anything-except for Catsup (makes a really funny face!)
Drinks 6oz of milk about every 3 hours & eats twice a day
Trying table food everytime we have something baby friendly
We tried pear juice the other day & she did not approve
But she did like the green peas that I had for lunch
She will walk around out circle table in the living room while trying to get Marley
I think she will find herself walking-while trying to get to Marley (hopefully Marley will be nice & not knock her over).
Addison tries to put on her own shoes! A kid after my own heart!
She has been running a fever with every tooth that comes in
So far we have the 2 bottom teeth in
Yesterday 6/8 we brushed her teeth for the 1st time
Addison likes her baby pool that she plays in at Ganmomma & Gandaddys
When she sees Bryan-that means it is play time-she gets sooo excited when he comes home!
I love to see them together
I love weekends with Bryan & Addison-she is so funny to watch at this stage of life-she is learning and doing & smiles at everything.
I am very blessed to have a great kiddo!
We love you Addison Grace, Addie G, Stinker Butt, Addie MaGee, Addie G Money, Addie Mac & Chesse (sad I know-she will never know what her real name is)
10 month pictures to follow..........and no I am not sure what I am going to do this month.
I have to start getting her pics ready for her 1 year birthday invites! YAY

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  1. Can't believe it! Yay for the no paci! Hoping after vaca, that will go away for M too!