Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, May 21, 2010

9 month pics

Just a quick note-Addison now has 2 teeth! YAY-but I got a call today that she was running a 101 temp with the new tooth. Looks like mini-me will be running a temp with all new teeth. Here are some pics of Addisons 9mth photo shoot with Mom.

Family Pic May 2010 at Kylers 1st Birthday Party

Addison Grace 9mths old

Vogue.................and a little attitude

Ok lots of attitude

Baby Booty Cutie and there is the 9mth attitude again
Needless to say a little somebody was not happy about picture day
Ok I'll smile but only once

I love this pic
Yay Addison-this is what we say everytime she claps

Baby rolls
Baby rolls 9mths old
Yep Mom I am 9mths free as a bird I am outta here.........
Every month Bryan & I learn more about her & we learn more about ourselves and each other. She has taught us so much about building a family & loving each other.

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  1. You take the best pictures! It helps having such a cute subject to take them of too!! LOVE the hat!!