Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daycare Boo Boos

Tuesday morning I picked up Addison from daycare & as I walked in they say "there's been an accident" OH NO! Addison had a huge goose egg smack dab in the middle of her forehead! Black & Blue with a red line going across it. This happened at 4:30 & I picked her up around 5:30. They had applied ice to the boo boo but it was still huge. Of course me being the new Mommy & all-I had thousands of thoughts running through my head! Do I let her fall asleep? Are they telling me the truth? How do I trust perfect strangers with my child? Are they even watching her? I wouldn't even let her stay with some of the people I do know for free-then I go & let random people keep her & pay them big time! What is wrong with this picture! This is the stress of making decisions for your child as they grow up. I know Addison has a lot of fun playing with the people & kids & all of the toys at daycare. It is one little goose egg-so I will be a big girl & let her go back. Making decisions that involve your child is a very hard job. After having a child-I believe that everyone else is a horrible driver! haha

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