Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

8 Months Old Today

April 6, 2010
Addison Grace you are 8 months old today!
Here are some of your likes:
pears. applesauce. standing up. rolling over. paci and blankie. you suck your left thumb when you can't find your paci. you love dogs. you love your stuffed animal violet that sings to you & your talking elmo doll and your little lamb that you cuddle up to at bedtime. you love to be carried around by Mommy on her hip. you love to mess with necklaces and watches. you like your teacher Genelle at school. you get a huge smile on your face when I pick you up from daycare. you like to go to hobby lobby to shop because there is so much to look at. you love when Daddy comes home from work-you know it is now time to play.
Here are some of your dislikes:
carrots-well you like them/but they don't like your stomach. when Marley barks you jump. when there is a loud noise we clap our hands and say YAY Addison to distract you from crying. oh and here is the big no no for you.....when Mommy gets her purse in the morning and heads toward the door passing you so I can put my purse down to pick you up-you cry every morning-I guess you are affraid that I am going to forget you. you disike old women and old gray haired men (soooo funny to me). I think you have a sense about good people from bad people.
Happy 8 Months Addison!
Mommy & Daddy & Marley Love you soooooo much!

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