Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trying to Crawl & say MaMa

Addison is just 2 days shy of turning 7 months old. She is so very active and her Daddy says that we don't call her ADD-IE for nothin. Ohhh geezzzz he is such a mess. She is trying so hard to get her knees under her & attempt to break free of this rolling over & over phase. We decided last night that it is time to let go of the swing due to her awkward way of sitting in it. She decided that she would like to lay sideways in the swing with her head almost over the side while kicking her feet off the side. We also lowered the pack & play last night in front of our bed. Yes-maybe when she is 10 she can sleep in her big girl bed.  But as for right now I am affraid that she will sneeze or pass gas without us hearing it!! And heaven forbid me miss something that she does. Who knows I might break out & let her chill in her crib this weekend-but please-don't hold your breath. Ohhh and the MaMa thing-when you say MaMa she moves her mouth like she is saying it. It is adorable! I will try to get it on video when I get a chance.

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