Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Addison and the hand leg thing

Soooo about a month and a 1/2 ago Addison could not sit still for anything while she would take her bottle. She would kick her left foot from her knee down and was really just not one for sitting calmly to drink her baba. But now at 6mths she has started patting her hand on her thigh when taking a bottle. She is a mover for sure! It is so funny watching her change. I think we may have a little musician on our hands. At daycare they said she likes to hit things with her hands & listen to them make the different sounds. So cute!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being A Mom

I recently got back from a weekend of just the girls in Nashville for my cousins 30th birthday bash. This whole Mommy thing has really changed me. I drive differently-I act differently everything about what I am and what I do is different. Not a bad different just different. I saw a girl dancing on the bar about 21ish & said to my sister-wow that is someone's little girl (note: something I never would have said earlier in life-I would have probably joined the girl dancing on the bar). But something about seeing a girl in her 20's bartending and actin a fool made me think-wow at one point in her life she was an innocent little girl. While all 6 of us were out in Nashville drinking was no longer considered fun because I needed to get home safe and be safe the next day driving 3hrs home! WHAT IN THE WORLD!! I have grown up. Taking care of Bryan & Addison are now my biggest goals in life & I love what I do. Addison is 6mths old & changing everyday. I'd rather sit on the floor and play with her & watch her reaction to new things than go out to a bar or club. Life changes & I have loved every part of this change. Although my body did a major change-and one that I don't believe will ever be back to normal. Being Addisons Mom is such a blessing to me. I feel so lucky to have her in my life. When she wasn't with me this past weekend I felt very naked not having my little monkey attached to my side. Addison would rather stay attached to my hip than anything else. Well besides scarfing down #2 Pears all in one sitting. She loves to eat-it is her new favorite thing. But the funny thing is that she is so lady like when eating. She doesn't get her hands all in the food & she opens her mouth like a little bird to eat. She is not a fan of the green beans but loves the rice cereal-pears-and applesauce. She is teaching us so much!

Monday, February 15, 2010

1st Valentine's Day with Mini Me

On Friday I picked up Addison from daycare & in her carseat was the card that she made for Mommy & Daddy. Ohhhhhh I about cried-it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen. It was a red heart with her foot print done in white paint & said To: Mommy & Daddy, I love you-Addison 2/12/2010 Ahhhhhh I melted. On Saturday I talked my neighbor into going to Kidstown consignment sale @ the Agricenter-it was well worth attending for the last day 1/2 off sale. Addison got 5 new outfits-a watermelon bathing suit & a new book for $25! Yay for Mommy-super shopper! One day I will teach Addison how to be a super shopper. Then Bryan & I ate at Huey's with Addison (who decided that she no longer would like to watch us eat from her carseat). So I got her out & she proceded to try & remove everything from the table-including trying to drink my tea! So funny what a 6mth old already has learned. Around 2ish the Harpers came to visit & brought Addison some of the cutest pink outfits from Childrens Place-including the pink & white polka dot bathing suit! Can't wait to see her in it! And an awesome Georgia outfit with a tiny skirt for football season next year. Then on Saturday night Mom & Dad kept Addison and got to enjoy feeding her for the 1st time-green beans. Which of course she was not real fond of. She is more a pears kinda girl. But any who Mom & Dad kept Addison & we went out to Bonefish to enjoy our adult-Valentine's Day early night. We waited 1hr and 15min which means-I got to drag Bryan store to store till we got to eat! haha! I WON! Shopping/Dinner/Babysitter/with the man I am deeply in LOVE with. What a great night! Sunday morning we failed to make it to church-but did enjoy our Valentine's Day in bed-all 4 of us took a nap. Addison got me a silver heart for my pandora bracelet and Bryan got me a charm with red hearts all over it for my bracelet. This Pandora bracelet was a great idea-it has so much meaning to it! Way to go Bryan! He is such a wonderful caring husband. Bryan got a card & chocolates-he is a chocoholic so this really works for him. Although now I have so many different ideas to do for him next year. Pictures-soon to follow.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Addison 6mth Check Up

Addison had her 6mth check-up and shots today with Dr. Larkin-
This is what happened when Dr. Larkin walked in..................
Oh my gracious! She about tripped over her lip!
This is the Ohhhhh really Mommy-you think your going to do WHAT??
Ummmm shots! I don't think so!
This is Mommy & Addie
2/11/2010 @ the Dr. Office
Not sure if she was giving me a kiss or trying to get the camera-
thought it was cute!
Please note.....All pics were taking before the big bad shots
2 shots today & 1 medicine in the mouth
Stats for 6 months:
16pds 14oz (75%)
26 1/4 inches (75%)
44 Head (75%)
YAY for Addison! She is doing great! The doc was really impressed about how long she could sit up on her own-he said she will probably walk quick to-Ohhhh dear! Better get my running shoes ready!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rice Cereal-YAY

Addison got to try Oatmeal the other day & very much did not approve (neither do I-nastyness!). So last night while I was wandering around Target all by my lonesome I hit the baby aisle to see what else I could get her to eat. She has been sleeping at night from about 7-9:30 then we wake her up to take a 8oz bottle at 9:30 and she goes back to bed till 7a.m. but here lately she has been waking up her Dad at 4:30a.m. for a bottle. Sooooo we tried putting Rice cereal in her last bottle last night & it worked!! YAY-she woke up at 6:50 for a bottle. It was great! Bryan enjoyed his extra sleep. Next step will be green beans & banana not together-but we have lots of options. Hopefully she will like all different kinds of food-unlike me. I am plain Jane when it comes to food. Daddy is going to have to help her eat stuff. I will have my nose up saying "I am not going to try that!" Geeezz I hope she takes after him!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tears of Joy

Last night Bryan & I were laying on the couch with Addison asleep in Bryan's arms. He took her tiny hand and put it on top of his finger. A tear came to his eye and he said "she is growing up to quick". It then made me cry. Everything is so tiny right now and everyday we watch her grow and change. It is amazing to watch a child grow. So we had a crying fest then watched the rest of Biggest Looser while eating dinner. Why are we always eating when we watch the Biggest Looser? Always! Addison is having professional pics taken on Saturday-so it is my goal that she does not have a snotty nose or finger nail marks on her face! We also just found out that the house we want is in a bidding process and we have to bid by Sunday! OMG that is just 4 little tiny itty bitty days away! So tonight the real-estate agent is coming over to put ours on the market. Hopefully we will get it sold fast.