Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Addison for the past 3 nights has slept in her pack & play in front of our bed!! YAY she is finally out of her swing! Only took us 5 months to decide to try the pack & play. We want to see how she does in it before moving her to her crib. She still has a cough & the crib is just to far for us to get to if we need to help her quick. Bryan put together Addisons new jogging stroller this morning Jan-16-2010. It is family day since Bryan is off of work & deer season is finally OVER!! YAY. I also took pics of her in her towel after her bath & some of her in her pink fur boots.

Big girl bed-almost

All Smiles before her bath

Clean from head to toe

Ya want me to what?

Roll Over YAY! They call her rollie-poley at school.

Watch out snow! I am ready!

On my way to school

My new jogging stroller-Addison is super excited about it.
Bryan put it together this morning so we could all go to the park.

Addison chillin in her stroller

Family Pic Jan 16, 2010

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