Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Tried & Failed!

Ok so new year-new me that is my goal in 2010!! Not that it's not already all about me but this year will be different. I am going to force myself to take back control of my eating habits-diabetes-weight-family life-church life and all of the above. I am taking a try at what Katie (a fellow Mommy Blogger) is doing. Here goes:
Pre pregnancy weight: 185
About to POP weight: 225 Baby weighed 8lbs 6oz
Current Weight: 194
Goal Weight: 160
Met Bryan for the first time weight 3yrs ago: about 155

WOW ok there I wrote it-geeezzz that was tough but who cares I know I need to loose the weight & get all of the support I can. I have pills called Diet Magic that my OBGYN suggested I try. They will help me to cut back on eating but it needs to be me who has the power to control what I put in my mouth-not because it tastes good but because my body needs the fuel. The reason for the title is because I ate at Olive Garden (not really diet friendly) today for lunch & ordered Minestrone soup & salad. WELLLLL they were out of the soup so I ate Salad-3 bread sticks-and some nasty dumpling soup (about 2 bites) and one lausagna thing that Terrie gave me. Sooooo I tried very hard to be good-but failed! Better luck with the rest of today. I will be posting my weight loss success on here as I journey to find the hot skinny Mommy buried underneath all of this Wendys-McDonalds-Cracker Barrel & everything else nasty that I have filled it with. Here's to 2010!

Update: As of Jan 29, 2010 I am down to 186!! YAY for me!! Hopefully once the ice & snow melt away I will be able to get back out to walking.

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  1. Wow, it seems like lots of mommys are doing this now adays... Its kind of greatbecause I am pretty much around the same weight range.

    Don't give up!