Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 Month Toes

Addison Grace is 5 months!
Things she loves: Her Toes, Anything she can put in her mouth, her teacher Sarah at daycare, watching Mommy dry & straighten her hair in the mornings, her nap on the way to daycare, Daddy! Loves her Daddy-she has a huge all over the face grin when she sees him-she will even stop in the middle of a bottle to smile at him, Mommy-Addison loves to walk around the house on my hip doing anything I am doing, Marley-Addison laughs when Marley walks by or trys to kiss her, her swing-yep she is still sleeping in her swing till she gets over this cough, yeah yeah I am a horrible Mother for letting her sleep in her swing-yada yada yada-It works I use it. She also loves her pink chenille blanket-she loves to pull it up to her face & rub it on her cheeks to go to sleep-I had to get it so she could breath through it-works great!
Here are some pics of Addison yesterday on her HAPPY 5 MONTHS

Haha I love these pics-where she is so tired that she can't even make it another step

Talk about flexable! This is what happens when we change her diaper-she eats her toes!

Seriously we do feed her-I promise!
Today 1/7/10 we are at home enjoying our snow day! Addisons daycare is closed so she is chillin at home bonding with Mommy & Marley. WOW I really feel like a Mom now-had to check the Shelby County website to see if my kid was out of school. I have soooo become my Mother!

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