Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Addison Snow Day #2 Jan 29, 2010

Another Snow Day!
I can't even believe that we have had 2 snow days this year & it is only Jan 29! Daddy had to go to work today so I stayed home & took pictures of Addison. She is 5 1/2 months and a handful!
One day I will tell her that not all babies get to play dress up on snow days! haha
Dress-Bow-Pretty girl blanket all of the above!
Ok Mom I will smile for you
That was really funny!
Sits up all by herself! Amazing
Ok Mom stop-that was 2 funny
Addison loved watching the snow outside
Uttttt Ooooo I fell over. We put her on a quilt on the carpet & she rolls back & forth. It is amazing how quick they learn & change
Wellllllp ya gonna get me that bottle or not?
Baby Love
This is our heaven sent
Still laughing
Addie G-always has something in her mouth. Usually her thumb or paci

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Addison for the past 3 nights has slept in her pack & play in front of our bed!! YAY she is finally out of her swing! Only took us 5 months to decide to try the pack & play. We want to see how she does in it before moving her to her crib. She still has a cough & the crib is just to far for us to get to if we need to help her quick. Bryan put together Addisons new jogging stroller this morning Jan-16-2010. It is family day since Bryan is off of work & deer season is finally OVER!! YAY. I also took pics of her in her towel after her bath & some of her in her pink fur boots.

Big girl bed-almost

All Smiles before her bath

Clean from head to toe

Ya want me to what?

Roll Over YAY! They call her rollie-poley at school.

Watch out snow! I am ready!

On my way to school

My new jogging stroller-Addison is super excited about it.
Bryan put it together this morning so we could all go to the park.

Addison chillin in her stroller

Family Pic Jan 16, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Tried & Failed!

Ok so new year-new me that is my goal in 2010!! Not that it's not already all about me but this year will be different. I am going to force myself to take back control of my eating habits-diabetes-weight-family life-church life and all of the above. I am taking a try at what Katie (a fellow Mommy Blogger) is doing. Here goes:
Pre pregnancy weight: 185
About to POP weight: 225 Baby weighed 8lbs 6oz
Current Weight: 194
Goal Weight: 160
Met Bryan for the first time weight 3yrs ago: about 155

WOW ok there I wrote it-geeezzz that was tough but who cares I know I need to loose the weight & get all of the support I can. I have pills called Diet Magic that my OBGYN suggested I try. They will help me to cut back on eating but it needs to be me who has the power to control what I put in my mouth-not because it tastes good but because my body needs the fuel. The reason for the title is because I ate at Olive Garden (not really diet friendly) today for lunch & ordered Minestrone soup & salad. WELLLLL they were out of the soup so I ate Salad-3 bread sticks-and some nasty dumpling soup (about 2 bites) and one lausagna thing that Terrie gave me. Sooooo I tried very hard to be good-but failed! Better luck with the rest of today. I will be posting my weight loss success on here as I journey to find the hot skinny Mommy buried underneath all of this Wendys-McDonalds-Cracker Barrel & everything else nasty that I have filled it with. Here's to 2010!

Update: As of Jan 29, 2010 I am down to 186!! YAY for me!! Hopefully once the ice & snow melt away I will be able to get back out to walking.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Request for DEER Receipes

Soooooo my lovely husband went out hunting-AGAIN-today. He has now shot 3 deer this season!! Thank goodness deer hunting season is over this weekend. Yipppeeeeee for him. He is the only one who eats deer meat. So this is a request to all my fellow bloggers.....Do any of you have any receipes for deer meat? I can't stand the gameyness of the meat. I need a way to cook it where I don't have to do a lot! haha And gooooooooooo

Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 Month Toes

Addison Grace is 5 months!
Things she loves: Her Toes, Anything she can put in her mouth, her teacher Sarah at daycare, watching Mommy dry & straighten her hair in the mornings, her nap on the way to daycare, Daddy! Loves her Daddy-she has a huge all over the face grin when she sees him-she will even stop in the middle of a bottle to smile at him, Mommy-Addison loves to walk around the house on my hip doing anything I am doing, Marley-Addison laughs when Marley walks by or trys to kiss her, her swing-yep she is still sleeping in her swing till she gets over this cough, yeah yeah I am a horrible Mother for letting her sleep in her swing-yada yada yada-It works I use it. She also loves her pink chenille blanket-she loves to pull it up to her face & rub it on her cheeks to go to sleep-I had to get it so she could breath through it-works great!
Here are some pics of Addison yesterday on her HAPPY 5 MONTHS

Haha I love these pics-where she is so tired that she can't even make it another step

Talk about flexable! This is what happens when we change her diaper-she eats her toes!

Seriously we do feed her-I promise!
Today 1/7/10 we are at home enjoying our snow day! Addisons daycare is closed so she is chillin at home bonding with Mommy & Marley. WOW I really feel like a Mom now-had to check the Shelby County website to see if my kid was out of school. I have soooo become my Mother!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Addison 4 1/2 Months

I love to take pictures of Addison
She has the cutest personality
Every inch of her is adorable
I love being her Mommy

Sweetness 4 1/2 months old

Addison & Marley

She knew there would be kisses from Marley

Love these feet!

Love Bug Addison

So precious

Hi Mommy

Love the Black & White-So Crisp!

My Favorite Picture of 2010 so far!

Kisses from Mar Mar

A little on the blurry side-but I love Addison reaching
for Marley

Addison Grace 4 1/2 months
The Love Of Our Lifes
My prayer is that we have a safe & healthy & happy
New Year
We have so much to learn from Addison this year.
All of these pics were taken on my bed
Within about 10 minutes-LOVE my camera!