Addison and Ty

Addison and Ty

Friday, December 31, 2010

Liberty Bowl Rodeo 2010

Bryan & Addison watching the Rodeo~!
YES-I threw my child to the DAWGS!
Georgia Football Team with Addison
I gave her to the guy and he said "Just call me DaDa"-I said-if she calls
you DaDa we are going to have bigger issues! haha They were so nice
and didn't mind taking the kiddo for a picture. 
Mommy and Addison watching the barrel racers 
If she could really talk-She would have said "Daddy buy me Horsey"! 
Giggles & Grins! 
The Harpers 
Unhappy about another picture 
AJ & Addison-ready for our 1st annual cookie baking Tradition 
Cousin Samantha with Addison baking cookies 
Such Skill-and having to hold her little brother 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Review of 2010

Addison turned 1, I lost 30lbs then gained it back, Bryan killed 2 Bucks (deer) this season, I got on the Animas Pump-wow what a ride, Addison learned how to roll over, crawl and walk-all in the same year (my goodness how time flys), we had a family vacation to Charleston South Carolina-Addison got to go to the beach for the 1st time, we joined Bellevue Baptist Church and found a great Sunday school class, we had the house on the market for 6mths but nothing happened, we decided to stay in the house we are in for at least 2 more years while Bryan goes to school-for PT! Wow major changes job wise, we had a year full of 1yr old birthday parties, we took tons of pictures and am I learning to let the little things go and enjoy every minute I have with my husband and daughter.
Here's to 2011! May it be our best year ever!
To health, happiness, growing together as a family, having fun, sharing laughs and enjoying life.
God has been so good to us-this year has really taught me that you have to put your trust in God and not worry about what is to come-he takes care of it and leads you in the right direction. If you don't let something go and you worry and worry about it it goes no where-this shows you to let things go to put your trust in God and let him handle it. My husband was so worried about a job situation-but Bryan took the first step toward a change and God took control of the rest. It was amazing to see everything fall into place. God has a plan-although it may not be our plan that we want at this time. May God bless you & your family~Best of Luck in the New Year!! A time for new beginnings!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Harpers

Christmas Eve-Ready for Santa 
Ganmomma & Addison 
Gandaddy & Addison 
Harper Family Christmas Pic 
My parents Christmas Tree 
Addison playing on the stairs=cheap fun! 
Addison with cousin AJ 
Unwrapping presents with Daddy-Christmas Eve 
Addison choosing the next one to open 
hahaha love this! She was laughing as he tore the paper off 
Gandaddy with his side-kick 
Mommy & Addison 16mths old 
Santa came to visit us!! 
Ohh wow! 
Dad! Seriously!! Look at this! 
YAY! Books, Tickle Me Elmo, Learning toys & a big Fluffy Dog! 
Christmas morning breakfast! YUM-I know-ya'll are wayyyy impressed! 
Addison with cousin Bryce 
Addison and I on Christmas morning at the Harpers in MS 
Hmmm what shall I get into next! 
Bryan with his favorite team hoodie 
In case I haven't mentioned it in this post.....I love this man
He is an amazing father with a heart of gold-ok back to posting...
Addison sleeping on her Daddy-rough day of family bonding for Christmas 
Harper Fam Pic 2010
(this is sooo not my good side) 

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Joy of the true meaning of Christmas

I was baking cookies yesterday with Addison, Samantha, A.J. and Kelly (our new family tradition to do with the kids) and my husband called me. He said that he was working in Frasyer (mostly black-poorer community in Memphis) fixing the heat for a family of 3. The Mom works long hours and catches a ride to work with a co-worker due to her steering column going out in her van and the 13 year old boy was at home to meet Bryan and the older son works at FedEx. Something got to Bryan on that call. He told me that he felt led to do something for this family. So Bryan called the Pastor of the church that the family lives behind and asked what would benefit them the best (the Pastor owns the house that they live in). The Pastor told Bryan that Wal-Mart gift cards would do the most benefit. So before Bryan came home yesterday he stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up 3 giftcards and 3 cards. Then last night when he came home he picked up Addison and I and we headed to Frayser. He walked up to the door and greeted the Mom-which he had never met before. He told her that he did the heat for the house earlier that day and felt led by God to get them a little something for Christmas. When Bryan had called earlier he was upset that they didn't have anything under there tree. God has truly blessed our family and Bryan wanted to be a part of making there family Christmas a little brighter. The hug that this woman gave Bryan seemed to last for hours. Yes I sat in the car and cried like a baby. I was so proud of the man that I married. How selfless and loving he is. It is the true meaning of Christmas and following God's calling gave us even greater joy. God is so good and he places us in certain spots at certain times to benefit those in need. I pray that that little family has a blessed Christmas. And as for me-I am just blessed to have such a great husband with a heart of gold.

Christmas Outings 2010

My sweet little Addie Grace
at the Christmas Village watching the goats
Addison & Marshall with Kelly & Travis feeding the goats 
The excitement of a child-I love it! 
Addison & Marshall running circles around Kelly 
Addison & Marshall buddies! 
So excited to see the lambs and goats 
And we're off! 
Pony ride! Addison loved it!
Wonder if she'll be asking for a pony next Christmas 
Mommy & Addison 
(My new do-cut 4 inches off and had it dyed back to blonde)
I know I know-I change it weekly. I really always think I want long hair-
but it doesn't look good long-So I always end up cutting it. 
Addison got to see live reindeer-she wasn't overly impressed. haha 
The ohhh gosh she's got that camera thing out again 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Words to live by...................

Live today because tomorrow is not promised

Talk less listen more

Enjoy your child wanting to be held by you all the time-life is so short we should enjoy every minute we are given

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AG December 2010

Prayin for a good day!
Mommys little stinker bug

She wanted to ride it to church-but it was a little far away
Watching Elmo
Such a happy lil kiddo
Playin with Marley and our neighbor dog Shelby

Mess I tell ya!
Daddy & Addie
Mommy & Addison
Doin what she wants
Brandon Drake & Amy @ Drake's 1st Birthday Party
Kati Colt Kyler Ali partying at Drake's B-Day
Santa 2010 1yr old
Not to thrilled with the old man
Daddy rescued the baby!
Daddy helping Addison with her gifts
We call her Cindy Lou Who
Oooooooooo what is it???
Yippeeee a talking reindeer!